Want to know more about Sakhu?

Sakhu has a long history: it was first formed as a co-operative institution

(2002/000056/24) in October 2002 by Wezi Ximiya and Antonie van Rensburg with the purpose of offering management advisory services and social development interventions.

During the past three years, we have experienced the co-operative form as restricting our ability to do business because of SARS, CIPC, and KYC banking requirements.

Sakhu Cooperative was subsequently transformed into a new private limited liability company in 2016, enabling it to participate freely in corporate activities in the general pursuit of a sustainable wealth-creating business.

In 2017, the team decided to transform the corporate side of the business to leverage the new Industry4.0 technology revolution, whilst at the same time retaining the social development part of the business to provide corporates with the opportunity to spend enterprise development and social development resources at community level.


Starting up

1994 – Wezi Ximiya starts the Financial Services Association (FSA), a self regulating body of village banks, on behalf of the Reserve Bank and National Treasury, to implement the concept of village banks in South Africa.



Wezi Ximiya wins the World Bank prize for her work on village banks.



Wezi and Antonie start Sakhubukumkani Cooperative Ltd to provid commercial focus to advisory and social development interventions from the FSA organisation.



 Under the leadership of President Mbeki’s wife, Wezi and Antonie create the South African Microfinance Apex Fund (SAMAF) for the Department of Trade and Industry. It creates 10 partner organisations with 100 000 end customers of the fund by the end of 2006.



Antonie presents and publishes an international article on connecting the first and second economies in South Africa, based on work done by Sakhu.


Management Advisory

Sakhu diversifies its management advisory services for clients in public and private industries, including the Department of Social Development, the Department of Health, and the Department of Agriculture.



Sakhu is appointed as preferred advisory team for MTN South Africa, advising on various organisational activities.


Project Management

Sakhu is appointed by MTN to project-manage all MTN activities for the FIFA 2010 soccer World Cup.


Project Management

Sakhu wins and completes a total project for the Department of Agriculture on import and export processes, covering the whole department and its 3 000 employees within 6 months.



Sakhu provides advisory services and solution development solutions to various corporate customers such as RTT, BE@UP, Marley, VAST Networks, and Standard Bank of South Africa, with local community support.


New Company Registration

Sakhu Management Services is registered as a new private company from the Sakhu Cooperative to enable corporate activities.



Sakhu and Visualitics (Pty Ltd carry out a share swop, whereby Antonie sells his shareholding to Wezi for Visualitics shares.


Principle support

4Sight Holdings agrees in principle to support Sakhu in its BBBEEE pledge during the listing of 4Sight Holdings on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.



Effective 1 January 2018, Sakhu Management Systems is 30% owned by 4Sight Holdings (JSE Code: 4SI) through Visualitics (Pty) Ltd.


Reseller Agreements

Sakhu signs multiple reseller agreements with technology companies to enable it to service new untapped markets for Sakhu.