‘Tactics’ gives decision-makers models to test the organisation’s overhaul or replacement strategies for its business processes. We have found that many variables need to be considered when changing business processes. Only dynamic simulation models will really test these scenarios, allowing the manager to test, change, and optimise the business process initiative before committing the organisation to it.

product Application

The Tactics product is where we create simulation models and process intelligence dashboards from the business process. The process owner can either do what-if simulations on the business process to test optimisation strategies, or view architectural or volumetric performance through customised dashboards.
This includes simulation modelling of the value chain and strategic scenarios.


Background: A large JSE-listed company required a tool to perform scenario planning on their value chain level. The executive board had requested an overall reduction in operational expenses, as well as an improvement in revenue
and customer service delivery.

Outcome:A simulation model was built based on the Kaplan and Norton Balanced Scorecard principles, linking operational performance to company strategy. By using this model, management could test the overall effect of certain project implementations or improvement initiatives. This enabled the decision-makers to understand the impact of these changes on revenue, cost of sale, and customer numbers, before they were implemented. A web-based model was given to management that they could use as a tool to perform scenario analysis: Click here



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