A highly competent ‘process mechanic‘ should use specific technologies to ensure that an organisation becomes SMART in the management of its business processes. As a good mechanic knows how to gain the most from a car, a process mechanic should follow a four-step approach to gain the most from a business process. The first question, ”What is our business process doing, or not doing?”, provides a multi-dimensional analytical answer to this. Depending on the diagnostics, the next question is, ”What happens if we change our business processes?”. Various things may happen, and we need to understand their impact –

especially when it is a critical process. Many business processes behave as part of the bigger system. The third question should be, ”How well do we align our strategy, process, finances and people?”. An aligned system runs well on its business processes, and provides optimal returns on its performance.
Finally, one should ask, ”What business process strategy should one have?”. This question is the most strategic one, and brings harmony to the whole system if the appropriate strategy is followed with business processes.


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