The most neglected – and most abused – asset in an organisation must be its business processes. Business processes are assets. Just because they are intangible, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be managed! They are important: they form the glue between man, machine, and money. If a business process works well, it will give the best performance and deliver services to customers, keeping the profits healthy. Ensuring optimal performance from a business process is no different from maintaining your car. Problems need to be diagnosed and services carried out; and if need be, it should be overhauled or replaced. Unlike a car, we cannot drop off business processes at the garage in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. They are intangible, and people generally don’t take them seriously in their day-to-day jobs – making this a big challenge for the organisation.
A car fanatic immediately realises if there is something wrong with his car when he hears an unfamiliar sound. So too, an organisation needs to be intelligent about its own business processes. If it doesn’t perform well, or it is starting to
consume unnecessary resources, something needs to be done to re-align its performance.
Business processes are real – they are the bonding agent for man, machine, and money.

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