‘Insight?offers insight into business processes and how they enable strategy. It may also include business process design principles for the organisation, the definition of the role of a Chief Business Process Officer, or how to become a process-oriented organisation. This service suits organisations that want to use business processes in a holistic and strategic manner in managing complexity in the business.

product Application
This product is offered through a mentorship service, and is exclusively tailored for strategic and tactical business process requirements. It normally involves a company-wide strategy or approach to optimise change, or establish business process management as a core capability. Some examples of projects where we have applied it include: ‘The creation of business engineering frameworks? ‘Definition of an enterprise architecture strategy? ‘Translation of strategy into operating models? ‘Change management facilitation for an process-orientation approach? ‘Development of a business process management strategy? ‘Re-engineering of the organisation? ‘Guidance for cross-functional process teams? ‘Implementation of business process planning infrastructures? and end-to-end business process optimisation efforts.

Background: A top-10 JSE-listed company needs to align its business and information technology strategy departments around a common vision and approach in order to run a cost efficiency programme effectively. The organisation is embarking on a number of initiatives, driven from various business units. The executive board has requested an overall reduction in operational expenses, as well as an improvement in customer service delivery. As a result, IT is driving initiatives such as business process management (BPM), enterprise data management (EDM), and service oriented architecture (SOA), while value chains and end-to-end business processes are formed with process owners and process workgroups. A major customer relationship management (CRM) project is concurrently trying to achieve one view on the customer.

Outcome: The team created an overarching business architecture strategy to ‘glue?business strategy to all these initiatives. In this case, the process was simplified and implemented through the appropriate forums to create insight into the organisation’s business processes with the ultimate aim of achieving cost efficiencies.


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