Infrastructure Support

Delivering the solution to a client covers full-lifecycle activities, from data collection to storing, analytics, representation, and change management. In our outsourced services the client rents the infrastructure. In some instances our clients want to develop particular tailor-made solutions from our infrastructure to suit particular requirements. We offer this service on a proposal-based approach. To execute our process successfully, we need to:

  1. Have an effective communication process
  2. Store and prepare data for analytics
  3. Create and model the data
  4. Represent the data in an easy-to-use environment.
Communication and Liaison: Simulation Models
    • Secured through Portal.
    • Workspace creation per process, area or domain.
    • User access control via username and password.
    • Secured servers.
    • Complete configuration management compliant.
    • Workflow driven between stakeholders.


    • For system simulation models: Onsite user viewers with model downloads via Portal.
    • For discrete process models: Dashboards via Portal.
    • On yearly maintenance contract we will provide one MTN licensed copy of Process Model.
DAshboards Data Cubes
    • Real-time Update from user-issued viewer to server (this to be replaced by online web-enabled solution at end of 2009).
    • Appropriate ETL back-end architecture for import/data collection
    • Full technical support.
    • We require data to be provided in the appropriate format for processing. If not, an hourly transformation fee will be charged to transform data in a usable format. Data is stored on our secured servers and extractions are available upon request.


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