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‘Analytical support is vital to decision-making. Sakhu have spent the past 20 years creating business process management frameworks from an industrial engineering perspective. We are a leading provider of advanced process analysis solutions to enable SMART business processes. Our process intelligence products and services help organisations to realise business value without going through the pain of acquiring mathematical modelling, physics, or engineering capabilities.

Man.Machine.Money SMART Processes process Mechanic
Any organisation’s quest to operate a sustainable bottom line depends on its ability to deal with the ever-changing needs of its customers. This balancing act creates a complex business relationship between man, machine, and money....more SMART business processes take it one step further by aligning the business to the needs of the customer, so that products and services are delivered in a consistent manner. To create SMART processes, one needs to understand their behaviour....more If a mechanic services your car; who services your business processes? Would you prefer a back-yard mechanic or a highly competent engineer...more
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