‘Alignment’ enables your organisation to align its ‘blueprint’ design. The biggest benefit that organisations gain from this process is to align and integrate functional areas around common organisational design principles. Typically, the ‘blueprint’ is designed in an ad hoc manner, and is not formally managed. Our change management process helps your organisation to define and manage your ‘organisational blueprint’ design.

product Application

‘Alignment is one of the most powerful mechanisms to balance man, machine, and money in the organisation. This is why I suggest that, in order to optimise the business, you should look at the ”design” of your business. And in this ”design”, look at the alignment of all your organisational components!’
The most frustrating thing that managers may experience in their job is the effect of misalignment between those things they are responsible for: performance management, operations, business strategy, and customer requirements. To solve this problem, they need to have certain capabilities in place – a huge, diverse set of skills, experience, and knowledge, unfortunately. Some of the requirements might be ‘The Balanced Scorecard‘, ‘Alignment facilitation between strategy and operations‘, ‘Activity-based costing‘, ‘Best Practice Models‘, or ‘organisational restructuring or re-engineering‘.


Background: A large government organisation wants to implement and initiate a scorecard to measure its success in implementing its corporate strategic plan.
Outcome: The team used a well known and widely-used approach based on the Kaplan and Norton Balanced Scorecard principles, to link strategy to operations. The output was provided to the customer in simple but very powerful shared dashboards that run off well-designed data cubes. This enabled users to align their operations to their strategy.

For additional value to the organisation, a Balanced Scorecard ‘flight simulator‘ was developed that management could use to test their various strategic scenarios. It changed the balanced scorecard exercise from theory into something tangible and practical! For more information


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