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Wezi Ximiya founded Sakhu in 2002 on the principle of equal participation and working together. She is chairperson of the organisation, and oversees its sustainable growth and shareholder returns.


Liezl du Toit is an Industrial Engineer by trade, and has been involved in large re-engineering projects where process improvement techniques such as simulation modelling, best practice alignment, and process performance assessments were used to add value to the business. She has been involved in the development and testing of the four key service offerings of Sakhu, and this has become her passion and drive.


Andre Erlank joined Sakhu in 2004 after completing a degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Pretoria. He has work on numerous projects for Sakhu’s clients in the government, retail, financial and telecommunication sectors. In 2008 he obtained an honours degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pretoria.


Christien Jacobs is an Industrial Engineer with experience in enterprise architecture, business analysis, process analytics, and re-engineering. Christien strives to understand and integrate systems, processes, and people in order to assess and enable end-to-end process efficiency on a continuous basis.





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